Our programs provide enriching activities for your child in a nurturing and loving atmosphere. - Michael Richard

Field Trips

Summer for kids usually means time off at home that may or may not be well-spent. For kids enrolled in our summer program, their time can be better spent on adventure, first-hand experience, and learning. We have field trips twice a week in the month of June and special, fun activities in July.

Field trips include a sack lunch. Parents are welcome to accompany the group as volunteers, space allowing. Our youngest students do not go on field trips and instead have their own unique activities at school. Only indoor activities at school are scheduled for the month of July for all students (in order to avoid the intensifying Texas heat!) When there are no activities scheduled, regular class time is held as usual.

Enrolling in the summer program requires an additional, one-time fee to help cover the costs of the activities on top of regular weekly tuition. Parents have a choice of enrolling their child for both summer months or for only one month.

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